*I'm a designer of hospitable information products

to help people find what they need and get things done!*

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Who I am and how I can help...

I am driven to help people *find, flow and flourish—*at work, and in their daily life—so I am all about creating efficient workflows (removing any unnecessary barriers and obstacles) to help people find what they need, get things done, and enjoy the process.

I am also dedicated to creating products that are reliable, scalable and easy to maintain, so I love to create friendly documentation and flexible design systems to support shared vision and the understanding that underpins this.

I'm very well-rounded with broad end-to-end experience spanning the full cycle of research, design, development and testing of information products, interactive applications and intranets across many industries.

I have also worked on many enterprise-level products, alongside cross-functional local and remote teams in agile contexts.

I love to find patterns within complex information and systems to help make them accessible and coherent without being reductive.

I primarily design information products: to help people learn and share information, or to manage and complete tasks, including:

Websites, intranets and wikis

Web and mobile applications

Forms and template suites

Design systems and documentation

Research & strategy

User and industry research

Value proposition design

Concept prototypes and market testing

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